Quality Floors
Quality Floors


Quality Floors views the installation process as three separate but related phases:

Pre-Installation: Before beginning the installation we perform a site visit to be sure we have identified all special conditions that may exist. We communicate with the client so there are no surprises at the time of install. If it is possible we prefer to visit the jobsite even before we price the project. Communication is a high priority during this process.

Installation: Quality Floors arrives at the jobsite with a full understanding of the scope and schedule. Our installers have an electronically color coded drawing diagramming the location and seaming location for each product. The project has been sequenced based on information exchanged by our project managers and our clients. Installers are assigned based on their individual skill sets and fully understand Quality’s commitment to customer satisfaction and respect for their business. Each project is assigned a field supervisor whose responsibilities include assuring a professional presence, while focusing on delivering the project per the schedule and budget.

Post-Installation: This phase begins after the final product is installed. We perform our own job walk to determine and execute Quality control measures. We strive for zero punch items and reward our installers based upon this performance criteria. We turn over any extra materials, product, and maintenance instructions. We also offer maintenance procedures to in house staff upon request.


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